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About Us

Clare Parsons and Caitlin Adams live in a suburb on the border of Washington DC. Our studio is Suite 5 in Just Rock Music/Arts Incubator in Hyattsville, MD. Some would call it  the next Brooklyn-our own little Brooklyn on the Anacostia. 

The Stop Making Senz a Maker Studio studio space is nestled inside a music school. It’s a cheerful place to work. Kids are often everywhere, music is being played, and grown ups pop in for their own lessons as well.

Our talents include Olympic-level thrifting and curation. The results are often intriguing, strange, and unexpected. We’re both pretty proud of our found and finished objects

If you’d like to see our individual finds and making
Caitlin has an Etsy store, Slippery Crockery
Clare has one too, thingbox

See ya!