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Building your business in words

Building your business in words

$ 75.00


I've taught business writing at the University of Maryland for 14 years.

 Under my guidance, my Smith School students have written almost every kind of common business document. Some of these documents are perfect for the budding entrepreneur who's getting their own unique business off the ground.

Working on your professional writing has 2 major benefits:

  1. He or she knows how to impress an audience that can bring the business further
  2. Writing is the best way to polish ideas and find new ones
If you sign up I'll help you accomplish these goals by sending you a document that asks you to describe your main readers or customers. You'll be writing for their benefit in order to meet their needs and desires. It also prompts you to research the product and its future. Everyone needs a vision. 


How it works:

  1. Purchase the tutorial. 75.00. Bonus--first time students will receive a 25$ discount. 
  2. I will contact you to send the document and figure out what you want and need for your business. When you've got a draft, we can meet via Skype or in person (Hyattsville) to discuss your writing and how it is the foundation for your future success.  How can you keep building on your expertise? 
  3. I'm a helpful editor. The tutorial usually takes place over 2 30-45 minute meetings.  We can record them if you'd like to go back to our discussion.