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SALE!!! Cool men's fringed suede jacket XL

SALE!!! Cool men's fringed suede jacket XL

$ 40.00 

This is a suede jacket reminiscent of the brown kind that were ubiquitous for years (70's?). This one is black and the suede is a bit used in parts. However, all it needs is a good stiff brushing and it should be fine. Otherwise, it's in excellent condition, as are all the fringes (front, back, and sleeves).Fringe length runs from 6 inches to nearly eleven. It's very large and heavy. The front under arm measurement is about 26 inches. Length about 30. Weight? I would say at least 5 pounds, probably more depending on packing. This would be a perfect piece for a hip and large man or woman to wear.
I would recommend priority domestic mail since it's pretty massive