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Hermes like Francoise Guerin Scarf harness motif

Hermes like Francoise Guerin Scarf harness motif

$ 65.00

Fine silk broadcloth scarf that is reminiscent of Hermes. Called "Meta-Jan" It bears the signature of Francoise Guerin and features a full array and description of various harnesses and helpful identification, in French of course. It's the usual carre size, 90 cm square. The silk is in great condition with hand-sewn edges. Beyond the central horse equipment, the scarf itself is surrounded by an unbroken edge of palace--frankly, it reminds me of Potsdam but there are numerous palatial edifices in France that would work as well. It's not Hermes, but I really believe it will be just as impressive for yourself, or as a gift. Free domestic shipping