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Multicolored felted neck warmer collar or for crafting

Multicolored felted neck warmer collar or for crafting

$ 30.00

This is a neck collar or felted piece that I knitted (it was considerably longer at the time) and then threw into the washer and dryer to see how the wool would take it. This is actually a hobby of mine. I have an enormous mine of high-quality wool and I often knit long pieces in order to see what it would do. This was a very successful one, I would wager. Before felting I was using some of the finest quality wools I had, especially those that were more roving than wool.
What I got was a longish piece of felting with both ends forming a soft point to begin and end the fabric. I have done the minimum to this after felting. There area few loose ends that could be cut or could be kept. If you wanted to work with the piece it would hold up well to any kind of cutting you could do. If you want to create a neck warmer, it can be pinned made into a buttoned piece. If you wanted to cut it in half, it might well be a fabulous collar to add to a much beloved coat and sweater. About 35 inches long and 6 inches wide. Free domestic shipping