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SALE!!! "Random" mix felted and non-felted shawl or scarf

SALE!!! "Random" mix felted and non-felted shawl or scarf

$ 40.00 

This is part of a new series of shawls, scarves, and miscellaneous I call my "random" series. I'm a collector of fine yarns. I have many, many, many. I had been an enthusiastic felter but just wasn't doing that much. So I'm starting to take some of the finest yarns in my collection and then knit them big, with big needles. Then into the washer and dryer to see what each individual yarn is going to do. It's all in the mix. it's about 3 feet at the widest point and 5' 10 or so inches in length. This one is a mixture of thick wool yarns the lend themselves to felting and a novelty yarn that looks like a hedgehog on Gatorade. I'm fond of it but must make room for others. New really worn actually.