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Make less senz. Make more stuff.

Creative Writing for Insight

Creative Writing for Insight

$ 75.00

Writing for Insight

We all write narratives to make some senz of  random firings of action and ideas. In our brain but not on the page.
But sometimes we look back and there's a story that is puzzling or mysterious. We want. We NEED to figure it out. 
Let's make some senz. A tried and true way to understanding happens when we write narratives and then write them from a different point of view.
 You might not solve it all and have "the" answer. But knowing more is better than knowing less. And you can grow your understanding by reflecting, over time, what REALLY happened or what it REALLY meant. It's like starting with one camera and adding another or maybe more 
Enrolling in Writing for Insight
75$--but first time students get a special introductory price of 50$
Just click the buy link as you would any other product. I'll contact you to get started by discussing what you need and want. Then I'll send you the lesson by PDF so you can take it wherever you go. I'll also refund the 25$ to my first time students
We will meet approximately 1.5 hours over 2 meetings. Lesson 1 will guide you to write a first version of the puzzling narrative.  I will edit it carefully and then we can have a friendly discussion on Skype. Lesson 2 will ask you to write the same story from a different point of view.  The we'll talk about one and both. Has it changed your understanding? How can you take it further.